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Files encrypted with Symantec File Share Encryption intermittently maintain encryption outside Encrypted directories when using Save As


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Files encrypted with Symantec File Share Encryption remain encrypted outside the File Share encryption container when the desired behavior is that the files will be unencrypted.  This can occur when using the "Save As" operation within the application to a location outside the File Share Encryption container, such as to a users Desktop. 

When this happens, the file(s) remain(s) encrypted and cannot be decrypted without enabling Individual File and Folder Protection in the Advance user options.



Files can sometimes remain encrypted when performing Save As operations outside of the encrypted folder.  As a method to avoid this behavior, if the File Share Encryption user waits 15-30 seconds (timing may depend on the size of the encrypted share) before saving with "Save As", the file will get copied to the destination location as an unencrypted file.  In other words, to ensure the files are not copied encrypted, open the encrypted file, click Save As, and select the destination location, however before clicking "Save", wait for 15-30 seconds.  Once 15-30 seconds has gone by, then click save, and the file should then be unencrypted. 

The behavior outlined above is expected and is working by design.  Wait the 15-30 seconds in order for the files to be saved unencrypted, otherwise, the files can sometimes be encrypted to the destination location.



Applies To

Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.1 and higher