In Agile Central, If a User Story is in a Completed state and a Task is added, then the state auto-changes the User Story states back to In Progress.


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Why is the scheduled state of a User Story auto-changing back to In-Progress when a task is added to a User Story that is already in a Completed state? 


Component: ACSAAS


If you are a Subscription Administrator there are two options:

1 - you can change a setting at the Subscription level so Project Admins can also change this setting in their projects

2 - you can keep it as it is and as a Sub Admin go into the projects you specifically want to change this for. 

Please remember that by default, new projects are opened so the roll up works this way. 

Here is how to change this setting at the project level: 

1. select Setup (hammer and wrench icon on the upper right side of the screen)
2. select the Workspace 
3. select the Project
4. select Actions > Edit (upper right side of screen) 
5. scroll all the way down and UN-Check the option: Auto State Updates: _ Task state automatically updates parent schedule state 

If you would like to allow Project Admins to have this ability then you will need to change the Subscription setting which you can do by following these steps:

1. select Setup (hammer and wrench icon on the upper right side of the screen)
2. select Subscription
3. select Actions > Edit Subscription
4. scroll down to the Admin Capabilities section
5. Check Project Admins Can Enable And Disable Task Auto State Updates: