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SCSP/DCS:SA Tomcat only servers and the registry key that makes them that way.


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Critical System Protection Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Server Advanced Data Center Security Monitoring Edition


When you install DCS management servers then it will either be the Primary or a tomcat only install. The "tomcat only" install sets a registry key that stops the install from modifying the database.

If you intend to make a new server the primary, you will need to set it's tomcat only registry key to false or delete TomcatOnlyInstall registry key on this primary chosen server and then set the TomcatOnlyInstall registry key to TRUE on the other DCS managers.


All Versions of any of the following Products (DCS, CSP)
Data Center Security Server 
Data Center Security Server Advanced
Data Center Security Server Monitoring Edition
Critical System Protection



Here is the registry key and the value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Symantec\Intrusion Security\Manager

Set TomcatOnlyInstall to False  or delete TomcatOnlyInstall registry key. This will trigger the DB Upgrade (REG_SZ type)