Web Agent logs are not rotating and stop logging.
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Web Agent logs are not rotating and stop logging.


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We have configured Web Agent ACO with log rotation details (size, files to keep, etc) and logs are being stored correctly, however when the log reaches the limit size, they are not rolling and also they stop logging anymore. We need to remove manually the current log file so then a new log file is created and log entries stored. How can we solve this?


Web Agent R12.52.x


This behavior can be observed when the LLAWP process is being run with a different user than the log files owner, and therefore cannot create the new log file when rotating logs. This happens usually when having a different user to run the Apache server and the Web Agent, and then starting the server manually with Web Agent user (or another one).

To solve this, you must ensure the Apache user has enough permissions (R/W) on the Web Agent log folder, and start Apache as a service so the logs are created with the Apache user.