Data Connector error "Failed to get resource 'guid'"
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Data Connector error "Failed to get resource 'guid'"


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When running a data connector rule, the rule aborts and throws the error "Failed to get resource 'guid'", where "guid" is the GUID of an asset, such as a computer, to update, which already exists in the Symantec_CMDB.

Failed to get resource 'guid'.


This is working as designed. A resource record is deleted or merged during the run of the Data Connector import rule. Data Connector, before applying changes to existing assets, examines records where the data is to be written. When the record that is expected is missing, the import rule will abort and throw the error.

Etrack 3624244.


Re-run the Data Connector import rule, which should then see that the records are no longer available and correctly skip them, enabling the import rule to continue to process.

To prevent this from occurring in the future, ensure that the import rule is not running during another process, such as Purging Maintenance or a merge rule, that can be deleting records to update. For long running import rules, ensure that the import rule is running during a time that users will not be deleting or merging records manually. If the import rule is scheduled, change this to a time when record deletions are not expected to occur.


Applies To

Data Connector 7.x.