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SWG UI permits RADIUS login and immediately returns user to the login page again


Article ID: 161146


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Web Gateway



After upgrade to SWG 5.2.1, the user interface (UI) of Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) appliance permits RADIUS login. Instead of displaying Executive Summary, SWG UI immediately returns the user to the login screen.




Symantec resolved this issue in SWG version 5.2.2. Please upgrade to SWG 5.2.2. For those that are unable to upgrade immediately, please open a Remote Assistance case and contact Support for assistance in confirming the issue and applying a hotfix. 

To receive the patch

  1. Open a Remote Assistance (RA) Case on each SWG appliance where symptoms occur 
  2. Contact support and open a support ticket
  3. Authorize Symantec Technical Support to apply the patch to each machine where symptoms occur

 NOTE: Applying p47 does not require restarting the operating system of SWG appliance. Further, applying the p47 patch does not require the restart of any individual processes on SWG appliance.