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Asset Management report "Unauthorized Installs For Software Product" incorrectly show software on a computer when it is not installed


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Inventory Solution Asset Management Solution


When reviewing the "Unauthorized Installs For Software" Asset Management report (found in Reports > All Reports > Service and Asset Management > Contract Management > Software Licensing), it is found that a computer is listed as being unauthorized for a software product, even though when checked, such as by looking at Resource Manager, the software is not installed on it.


Asset Management's Software Product License Compliance function, such as which is used for the "Unauthorized Installs For Software" report (and all other Software Compliance reports too), requires that Inventory Solution be configured correctly to accurately report on what software is installed on what computer. When this is not working 100%, such as due to how the software is discovered and configured for the software component and product, this can throw off the calculation due to invalid software inventory.


This may be difficult to track down as there can be several areas where Inventory Solution is incorrectly configured or even not working 100%. Included below are some areas to check to help resolve this issue.

  1. Ensure that the computer in question has a Symantec Management Agent installed, has an Inventory Solution plug-in installed, that both are checking in successfully and recently, and an Inventory Solution software policy has recently been ran and populated the computer's Inventory Solution software data classes.
  2. Ensure that the Inventory Solution method of discovering this is correct. For example, it can be complicated to correctly detect versions of Microsoft products, especially Office, due to how these are reported to the operating system. This can lead to incorrect software compliance or incorrect results in Inventory software reports. 

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Applies To

Inventory Solution 7.x.