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The Symantec Control Compliance Suite for Vulnerability Manager (CCSVM) scan jobs are failing to complete and returning no data


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Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager


The customer explained that none of the CCSVM scan jobs are succeeding. The CCSVM scan job appears that it is running against the targets but the job is finishing quickly and the results are empty.

scan job log:
2014-08-04T20:11:22 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0] [Site: Site Name ] Nmap phase started.
2014-08-04T20:11:22 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0] [Site: Site Name ] Nmap will scan 1024 IP addresses at a time.
2014-08-04T20:11:22 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0] [Site: Site Name] Nmap scan of 1 IP address starting.
2014-08-04T20:11:23 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0:nmap:stdin] [Site:
Site Name] Nmap task Ping Scan started.
2014-08-04T20:11:24 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0:nmap:stdin] [Site:
Site Name] Nmap task Ping Scan completed.
2014-08-04T20:11:24 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0:nmap:stdin] [Site:
Site Name] [x.x.x.x] DEAD
2014-08-04T20:11:24 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0] [Site: Site Name] Nmap scan of 1 IP address complete.
2014-08-04T20:11:24 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0] [Site: Site Name] Nmap phase complete.
2014-08-04T20:11:24 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:90] [Site: Site Name] Scan completed in 14 seconds
2014-08-04T20:11:36 [INFO] [Thread: Scan nse_silo:0] [Site: Site Name] Scan discovered 0 live devices, 0 vulnerabilities.


From the CCSVM Remote Scan Engine, the nslookup command for the scan job target had failed to return a DNS name.


Check to resolve all network issues that may be occurring between the Symantec CCSVM Remote Scan Engines and the scan job targets when receiving this error.

Issues that may occur can be checked from the CCSVM Remote Scan Engine using the following tools:

- ping
- nslookup
- tracert (or traceroute)
- firewall settings
- login credentials for scan job (where applicable)
- WebSense settings (if in use on the network)

Applies To

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2