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In Symantec Control Compliance Suite for Vulnerability Manager (CCSVM) some of the Remote Scan Engines will not stay up and running


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Control Compliance Suite Vulnerability Manager


The customer reported that some of the CCSVM Remote Scan Engines start, but then stop suddenly.

nse.log error:
2014-09-08T13:48:13 [ERROR] [Thread: Scan Engine] Error during server initialization
java.lang.RuntimeException: Entry webshell-backdoor-c99.vck not found in dn:\Program Files\Symantec\CCSVM\plugins\java\1\HttpScanner\1\checks.jar
at com.rapid7.util.FileResourceManager.getResource(Unknown Source) ~[r7shared.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.plugin.vulnck.VulnerabilityCheckManager.getVulnerabilityCheck(Unknown Source) ~[nxshared.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.plugin.vulnck.VulnerabilityCheckManager.(Unknown Source) ~[nxshared.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.plugin.vulnck.VulnerabilityCheckManager.getInstance(Unknown Source) ~[nxshared.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.scan.ScanManager.initializeVulnerabilityManager(Unknown Source) ~[nse.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.scan.ScanManager.(Unknown Source) ~[nse.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.scan.ScanManager.init(Unknown Source) ~[nse.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.nse.NSE.initScanManager(Unknown Source) [nse.jar:na]
at Source) [nse.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.nexpose.nse.NSE.main(Unknown Source) [nse.jar:na]
Caused by: Entry webshell-backdoor-c99.vck not found in dn:\Program Files\Symantec\CCSVM\plugins\java\1\HttpScanner\1\checks.jar
at com.rapid7.util.FileResourceManager$SharedJarFile.loadEntry(Unknown Source) ~[r7shared.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.util.FileResourceManager$SharedJarFile.getInputStream(Unknown Source) ~[r7shared.jar:na]
at com.rapid7.util.FileResourceManager$LoadedJarResourceInfo.getInputStream(Unknown Source) ~[r7shared.jar:na]
... 10 common frames omitted
2014-09-08T13:48:13 [INFO] [Thread: Scan Engine] Apache Camel 2.13.0 (CamelContext: camel-1) is shutting down


The checks.jar file is missing or corrupted.


Please run the CCSVM repair installer on each target remote scan engine that has the issue.

The repair installer and instructions for using it are located in the following KB article:

Note that the Repair Installer only needs to be applied to the target CCSVM Remote Scan Engines and not the CCSVM Console. If the CCSVM Local Scan Engine is also having issues staying started, then also apply the repair installer to the CCSVM Console.

Applies To

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2