GetPackageInfo.aspx request contains invalid Agent guid
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GetPackageInfo.aspx request contains invalid Agent guid


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IT Management Suite


After resource merge client resources are not able to download some specific packages. Agent logs indicate that resource Guid in getpackageinfo.aspx requests is different from Computer ID value in Symantec Management Agent UI. This issue occurs only with some specific packages which were already requested before Symantec Management Agent received a new Guid e.g after resource merge.


Error while downloading package: Server error (0x80077005)

Download package sources failed: Server error (0x80077005)



We also see the following errors in the SMP logs. 

GetPackageInfo.aspx was called from a non-managed computer. Guid passed: *Invalid Guid*. The response will not be generatedand 


GetPackageInfo.HandleRequest   The access is forbidden for unmanaged resources.


Defect. We store a resource guid in a package object located in the Secure Agent Storage. After resource merge and new Guid assignment this value wasn't updated.


As a work around deleting the contents of the secure storage on the agent (C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Agent\Ldb) and restarting the agent service resolves the issue on a per agent basis. The attached script will remove the folder and can be run as a task. 


This issue is targeted to be fixed in ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF3



Applies To

7.5 SP1


Remove Ldb.bat get_app