Endevor creating SYSnnnnn entries in master catalog
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Endevor creating SYSnnnnn entries in master catalog


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Found entries in the master catalog with names such as SYSYYQQQ.Thhmmss.RA0.jobname.tempfile 
Further investigation has shown that these have all come from Endevor jobs. 

In the Job output we see things like:

DSN (SYSYYQQQ.Thhmmss.RA0.jobname.tempfile    )           
STORCLAS (storclas) MGMTCLAS (mgmtclas) DATACLAS (dataclas )   
VOL SER NOS= volser

Even you used a storclas for temporary files such as STORCLAS (TEMPVIO) and VOLSER NOS= VIO, some temporary files are catalogued while other are correctly managed.

Notice in your processor that catalogued temporary files are allocated correctly and written to in next step using DISP=MOD.

//C1INIT03 DD DSN=&&tempfile,DISP=(,PASS),MGMTCLAS=mgmtclas,      
//            UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(50,100)),                   
//            DCB=(RECFM=....)       

which indicates this is indeed a temp data set. 

Why temporary files allocated correctly but when written to in next step using DISP=MOD are catalogued?


Component: ENDBAS


With DISP=MOD, datasets are pseudo-catalogued and allocated with hlq=SYSnnnnn, and this is where the problem arises, because the system attempts to catalogue them in the Master Catalog and many sites don't allow their users such access.

When is is allowed, the system create a catalog entry and catalogue theses files.

What you need to do,

Check in the processor how tempfile are allocated and used. What DISP have you coded for tempfile, MOD?

If you need to use DISP=MOD, then do:

1. use parameter MODHLI from C1DEFLTS, MODHLI should be coded with an HLQ authorized to catalog.            


2. use option DS_INTERNAL_TEMP from ENCOPTBL if necessary.


3. do not use MOD

Additional Information

For further details, read chapter "Defaults Table C1DEFLTS"