New Features in Client Intrusion Detection System (CIDS) 14.1
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New Features in Client Intrusion Detection System (CIDS) 14.1


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Endpoint Protection


An updated Client Intrusion Detection System engine is being released in December 2014. This engine (14.1.2) is available to users of Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 (SEP 12.1) and above.


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Client Intrusion Detection System (CIDS) v14.1 will be released as a staged release for Enterprise customers.  SEP clients will upgrade this feature via LiveUpdate.  The rollout is expected to begin on or around December 1.
For more information about Staged Releases please see the following document: About Endpoint Protection staged content rollouts
This release provides a new generation Browser Protection engine. Please be aware that this engine removes the need for Browser Helper Objects (BHO), browser plugins or add ons.  No functionality will be lost due to this change.  It simply gives customers browser independent protection and allows Symantec Endpoint Protection to tackle even more complex threats.
Note: Symantec will support more browsers in the future and moving to a plugin-less design is the first step in accomplishing this. Under CIDS 14.x however only Firefox and Internet Explorer are fully supported.
It is normal for Internet Explorer users to no longer see the BHO and similarly, Firefox users will not see the add-on installed in their browsers.  Note: All versions of IE BHO will be disabled and all Firefox plugins removed.
If a GPO has previously been created to suppress the message "The Symantec Intrusion Prevention add-on from Symantec Corporation is ready for use," the policy setting must be removed now to avoid cosmetic error messages reading "Browser Intrusion Prevention is malfunctioning. Check the System logs for details." See the article Internet Explorer 9 displays a pop-up stating "The Symantec Intrusion Prevention add-on from Symantec Corporation is ready for use" for more details.
Because this is a staged rollout, customers may see the change at different times.  This is a positive change, no functionality is being removed; this change improves Symantec Endpoint Protection’s protection capabilities.