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After reboot Mail Security for Domino is unable to start up causing all mails to be held in the


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Mail Security for Domino


After reboot Mail Security for Domino (SMSDOM) is unable to start up causing all mails to be held in the in a scan pending/dead state. Symptoms are:
In Domino server console it´s visible "Performing consistency check on SAV\savlog.nsf"
In Domino Server Tasks the SMSDOM PAS Task is in "Initializing" state
In Domino server Messaging tab there are hundreds or thousands of mails stuck in Scan pending state

"Symantec AntiVirus/Content Filtering scan pending at mail box"
"Performing consistency check on SAV\savlog.nsf"
"Performing consistency check on SAV\savquar.nsf"


The SMSDOM is unable to start up because of the consistency check can not complete within a reasonable time due to the large database sizes of savlog and savquar. As a consequence the mails do not pass SMSDOM antivirus scanning and by design all mails will therefore be held in the If the savlog and savquar databases grows beyond several Gigabytes the consistency check can take more than 1 hour to complete on start up.



Move away the large savlog and savquar databases in the following sequence:

1. Ensure all SAV databases are shut down: tell sav quit
2. Ensure the Domino server is shut down: quit
3. In the \IBM\Lotus\Domino\data\SAV folder move away savlog.nsf and savquar.nsf to another drive
4. Ensure ntask and npas is present in notes.ini
5. Start up the Domino server
6. Wait 2-3 minutes for new savlog.nsf and savquar.nsf databases to be created from the .ntf templates
7. Ensure in the \SAV folder that the new .nsf files has been created and present in the Domino server under the Files tab - SAV folder
8. Check the Messaging tab and ensure mails are now being automatically released from

Applies To

Symantec Mail Security for Domino 8.x