Log event ID's for Symantec Encryption Desktop
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Log event ID's for Symantec Encryption Desktop


Article ID: 161092


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File Share Encryption Powered by PGP Technology


 Viewing the log file through text editor or using a log tool other than the Symantec Encryption Desktop log viewer. User is unable to determine what component or log level was being logged in the log file. 

Unable to identify what component or log level is shown in the log file.



Event ID Symantec Encryption Desktop Logs
IN File Share Encryption Information
VN File Share Encryption Verbose
DN File Share Encryption Debug
EN File Share Encryption Error
WN File Share Encryption Warning
IP Symantec Encryption Desktop Information
VP Symantec Encryption Desktop Verbose
DP Symantec Encryption Desktop Debug
EP Symantec Encryption Desktop Error
WP Symantec Encryption Desktop Warning
IE Symantec Email Protection Information
VE Symantec Email Protection Verbose
DE Symantec Email Protection Debug
EE Symantec Email Protection Error
WE Symantec Email Protection Warning
IW Symantec Drive Encryption Information
VW Symantec Drive Encryption Verbose
DW Symantec Drive Encryption Debug
EW Symantec Drive Encryption Error
WW Symantec Drive Encryption Warning
ID PGP Virtual Disk Information
VD PGP Virtual Disk Verbose
DD PGP Virtual Disk Debug
ED PGP Virtual Disk Error



Applies To

 Symantec Encryption Desktop 3.3.0 or above