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How and where to set variable PRIMARYCCISYSID in Autosys?


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In a cross platform scheduling with CA-7 on Mainframe, when Autosys fails over, Job Status of running jobs during the failover in Autosys (RUNNING and SUCCESS) are never sent back to CA-7.

There is no issue with new jobs scheduled by CA7.

According to the documentation, we should set variable PRIMARYCCISYSID in Autosys.

How and where to set variable PRIMARYCCISYSID in Autosys?


CA WAAE 11.3.6 SP6 CUM1 on Linux with CA-7 on Mainframe.But same setup can be done with any Autosys release.


You can set this variable to any value.

Best practice is to set it with same value as the CCI Alias used to connect to the Mainframe, but this is not mandatory.

You can also choose the value of your instance name if you wish.

It has to be set to SAME value on the Primary and Shadow scheduler.

1) Open all the CA Workload Automation AE environment scripts, add the following variable, and save the file.

PRIMARYCCISYSID = <cci_system_id or any other value>


    Scripts are:

$AUTOUSER/—for Bourne shell users

$AUTOUSER/autosys.csh.hostname—for C shell users

$AUTOUSER/autosys.ksh.hostname—for Korn shell users

$AUTOUSER/autosys.bash.hostname—for Bash shell users

2) Restart the scheduler.

3) Repeat same steps on the shadow scheduler.


Additional Information

More details at: Configure Cross-Platform Scheduling