How to increase Service Desk attachment file size limit in ServiceDesk 7.5
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How to increase Service Desk attachment file size limit in ServiceDesk 7.5


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Attachments over 3 MB are not getting attached to the ticket created through Email


Default limit for file upload size and timeout value


Increased the value of maxRequestLength for docman and the timeout value for Add Attachment & Add Document component in Email Monitoring project

We need to consider three thing to fix the issue:

1. The maximum file upload size for a ticket is by default set to 4 MB. To change that do the following to increase the value of maxRequestLength in IIS.

          a.  Open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on the ServiceDesk Server.

          b.  Expand the server then the Sites then the ‘Default Web Site’.

          c.  In the Default Web Sites list find and expand the Process Manager page.

          d.  Click on the DocMan folder and right click on it’s Configuration Editor in the center window and click ‘Open Feature’

          e.  In the Configuration Editor dropdown expand system.web and click httpRuntime.

          f.  In the settings that come up find MaxRequestLength and increase it from 4096 (4 MB).

         g.   Exit and restart IIS.

 2. In IIS, the default value for maxAllowedContentLength is 30000000 which allows an attachment for approx 28.6 MB.

 Please refer for details and the steps to increase it

 3. Timeout value in Email Monitoring project

 For attachments send on email for Incident creation, increase the timeout value of Add Attachment & Add Document component in SD.Email.Monitor project to allow the file to attach before a timeout is reached. Please follow the below steps to do the same:

a. Open the SD.Email.Monitor project

b. Search for Add Document component, Right click on it and select Edit Component. Go to Advanced tab and increase the Timeout value from default 100000, 10 secs to say, 10000000. Do the same for Add Attachment component.


c. Save and publish the project