How to generate the query\report by Network Group
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How to generate the query\report by Network Group


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Critical System Protection Data Center Security Server Data Center Security Server Advanced


Need assistance in creating Advanced Query to get Agent Details depending on Network Group they are member off.


Open SCSP console

Create a new Query under SCSP-->Reports tab.

Select Advanced Query buidling check box, and click on Next

Paste the below mentioned query without the beginning and end quotes("  "):

"SELECT CAPTIONNAME AS "Agent Name", HOSTNAME AS "Host Name", AGENTTYPE_D AS "Agent Type", MANAGERNAME AS "Manager Name", IPADDRESS AS "IP Address", DOMAIN_NAME AS "Domain Name",SCSPVersion AS "Agent Version", (Select GroupPath from GroupPath_vw with (nolock) where elementrid = (select parentrid from element with (nolock) where rid = asset_vw.rid)) AS "Asset Network Path", UPPER(LEFT(OSType,1)) + SUBSTRING(OSType,2,10) + ' ' + OSVersion AS "OS Version",COMMHEALTH_D AS "Comm Health",PollingDuration AS "Polling Duration", HealthBasis AS "Health Time Basis", GreenstatusEventEnabled AS "Green Event Enabled", YellowstatusEventEnabled AS "Yellow Event Enabled", RedstatusEventEnabled AS "Red Event Enabled", YellowDuration AS "Yellow Event Duration", RedDuration AS "Red Event Duration",LastContact AS "Last Contact Time", LastEvent AS "Last Event Time", Registration AS "Registration Time", ServiceStart AS "Service Start Time", dbo.FmtEventDuration(LastContact,getutcdate()) AS "Time from Last Poll", PreventionFeatureActive AS "Prevention Feature Active", PreventionEnabled AS "Prevention Enabled", RebootPending AS "Reboot Pending", PolicyPending AS "Policy Pending", ConfigPending AS "Config Pending", PolicyError AS "Policy Error", ConfigError AS "Config Error", AgentState AS "Agent State Flags", Coalesce(Description,Computer_Descr,'') AS "Description"
FROM ASSET_VW WITH (NOLOCK) Where rid IN (Select RID from ELEMENT where PARENTRID = (Select elementrid from GROUPPATH_VW where GroupPath='/Network/goup_name')) ORDER BY HOSTNAME ASC"

Please replace the Network Group Path highlighted above, with the network group path in your environment.