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No peer certificate: Exception performing request


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Symantec Products


Upon pressing the 'Configure' button when the 'Email Setup Required' prompt appears during the initial installation of Secure Email, the following error message is displayed once the user's Exchange Password is entered and the 'Next' button is pressed:

No peer certificate: Exception performing request
ActiveSync version check returned nagative, but still trying for 12.1


The root cause of this issue is that the 'Fetch and trust certificate (not recommended)' option is not selected in Secure Email > Settings > Connection on the Android Device.


1. Go to the Secure Email app and navigate to Settings > Connection on the affected Android Device.
2. Select the 'Fetch and trust certificate (not recommended)' option and press the 'Save' button.
3. Once the new option is saved, tap the 'ActiveSync...' button and notice the prompt that is displayed.
4. The 'Refresh ActiveSync Settings' button is displayed in the 'ActiveSync' prompt. This button will need to be pressed and a 'Please wait' loading overlay will be displayed.
5. Once the ActiveSync Initialization is complete the versions that Microsoft-IIS support should be listed in red. These actions should result in Secure Email being properly configured for use.

Applies To

Secure Email Version 8.5.00030

App Center 4.4.5

RHEL/CentOS 6.4


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