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Spam email submission lists shows "[email protected]" which is an invalid user and not an authorised user of XCompany.


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Messaging Gateway


Spam email submission lists shows "[email protected]" which is an invalid user and not an authorised user of XCompany.



* XCompany is using SMG and customer specific rulesets.
* The submitter (YCompany) is using SMF. They have disabled the X-Brightmail tracker in SMF.
* YCompany received NDRs coming from and submitted it to Abuse Desk. These NDRs contain the SMG's X-Brightmail tracker of XCompany.
* Our backend server read the X-Brightmail tracker of XCompany and thought the submissions were from XCompany. These submissions are coming in to the junkyard, which is forwarded to the ARA servers for customer-specific rules.
* The Submissions page does not distinguish how the messages were received. It will display every submissions no matter if it’s for customer-specific rules or global rulesets. That’s why even the email address is not a valid submitter for customer-specific ruleset, the submission is still displayed.
* The submission seen in SMG from YCompany should not trigger the creation of customer specific rulesets in XCompany.