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Boot to automation task failing to run on Lenovo ThinkCenter M81 (Model no.:BW9) in UEFI mode.


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Boot to automation task failing to run on a Lenovo ThinkCenter M81 (Model no.:BW9).


1.    Get the machine into preboot environment.

For this User can create a WinPE ISO through which he can boot the machine into preboot.

     1.1    In order to create the efi enabled ISO through DS Bootwiz Utility please do the following:

             a. Go to the NS machine. Go to <install dir of Altiris>\Altiris\Deployment\BDC. Take a backup of the following files to another location:
                     i. ‘waik’ folder
                     ii. ‘WinPEX64’ file located at BDC\bootwiz\Platforms
                     iii. ‘WinPEX86’ file located at BDC\bootwiz\Platforms

             b. Replace the existing WinPEX64.ini and WinPEX86.ini files with the attached files.

             c. Now launch the BootWiz.exe from BDC\bootwiz. Click on OK in order to create a new configuration or you can edit an existing configuration as well.

             d. On the Configuration page, select Windows PE from Pre-boot Operating System environment dropdown. Click On ‘Install Pre-boot Operating System Files’ in order to install it again.

             e. Once you click on this, on the next screen select on WinPE 4.0 x64 from the list. Select ‘Pre-installed WAIK’ in the ‘Specify location of WinPE 4.0 x64 pre-boot files’.

             f. Then browse to the 8.0 folder in the WAIK install directory (<installdir of Windows ADK>Windows Kits\8.0) and click on OK.

             g. Click on Next. This will recreate your WAIK folder.

             h. Once the WAIK is recreated, create a new configuration and generate an ISO with that.

     1.2    Create and Compile ISO

             a. Right-click the new configuration and select “Create Boot Disk”. This places you in step 1 of the next wizard.

             b. Configure Wizard Step 1 and click Next:

                     i. Select the appropriate Boot Media
                     ii. Select “stand-alone Boot”
                     iii. Take CAREFUL note of the path.
                     iv. Select the appropriate media type at the bottom (x86 vs x64)
                     v. When you click Next, if Prompted, click Yes.

             c. Wizard Step 2 runs automatically and builds the image in the path noted in 1.2.b.iii above.

             d. Wizard step 3 should simply show success and remind you of the path.

     1.3    In order to revert back the changes made by the above steps do the following :

         1.    Replace the original WinPEX64.ini file at its previous location i.e. BDC\bootwiz\Platforms
         2.    Replace the original WinPEX86.ini file at its previous location i.e. BDC\bootwiz\Platforms
         3.    Replace the original waik folder at its previous location in BDC.

     This will revert back all the changes made by the above steps.

2.    Use the iso generated in step 1 to boot the machine into preboot.
         Once the machine is in preboot, go to X:\windows\system32 and type the following command :
                       bcdedit.exe /set {FWBOOTMGR.EN_US} displayorder {BOOTMGR.EN_US}

3.    Exit from preboot.  



WinPEX86.ini get_app
WinPEX64.ini get_app
screenshots of step 1.1.docx get_app