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Windows Patch Remediation Settings Policy - Targeted Filter fails to replicate Targets.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Configured  Windows Patch Remediation Settings Policy with custom interval schedule and custom Targets / Filters: 

Replication completed; found the Child SMP's - Windows Patch Remediation Settings Policy displays appropriately regarding scheduled interval; however, it displays stacked Targets for both the default and the custom Filters (all custom filters added and removed appear in this manner as seen below, while this policy on the Parent SMP remains to target only one Filter)


Cause is unknown at this time; however, confirmed the Software Update Policies replicate with the proper Target.

With the proper Target mirrored from the Windows Patch Remediation Settings in place on the replicated Software Update Policy; this is merely a cosmetic issue. This should have no affect on the Software Update Deployment to the Child SMP environment, for they are targeting as detailed on the Parent SMP's Windows Patch Remediation Settings. 

Advisory: Ensure the Parent SMP's Windows Patch Remediation Settings Policy is configured properly with the Target to be utilized by each Child SMP to deploy Software Updates. This configuration is detailed on KM: HOWTO56242 - Section 7 - Package Storage and Replication.



 This is currently being reviewed by Symantec Inc. 

Applies To

 Patch Management 7.5+