Error "Data class 'data class name' contains invalid data. Instance is read-only." occurs when trying to edit an asset
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Error "Data class 'data class name' contains invalid data. Instance is read-only." occurs when trying to edit an asset


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In Symantec Management Platform 7.5, creating a new asset works. However, when trying to edit an asset that has data, multiple permission errors occur, such as:


Several "Data class 'data class name' contains invalid data. Instance is read-only." errors occurs in the Symantec Management Console when trying to edit an asset with data.


Sometimes a problem in IIS (Internet Information Services) will cause these error messages and the situation can be easily fixed by running iisreset in a command prompt on the NS. If iisreset does not help then the problem is probably caused by the defect described below.

Product defect, Etrack 3589778 and 3583546.

When the language of Internet Explorer (Tools > Internet Options > General > Languages) is set to a different language that what is used by the workstation's Windows (Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboards and Languages), and, the displayed language in Altiris is different than the workstation's Windows, this results in a translation issue to the Notification Server and SQL Server when trying to reference data class names.

This can be indirectly caused by a group policy setting the language of Internet Explorer and/or the workstation's Windows language that then causes the above situation. For example, when setting Internet Explorer to use a language, this results in the following registry key also getting created or updated: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\International AcceptLanguage. If this is not present, Internet Explorer's language is the default of the workstation's Windows, whether that is English, French, etc. If this key is set here, it will automatically add the corresponding entry into Internet Explorer, or, if set in Internet Explorer and saved there, this key will then be created or updated accordingly. A group policy could set either one, thereby causing the above situation.


  • Workstation is US English, Internet Explorer is therefore US English. The user installs "French (Canada) [fr-CA]" into Internet Explorer. This saves the registry key as well. This results in Altiris being displayed in French and causes the issue.
  • Workstation is in French, Internet Explorer is therefore French. A group policy sets the key to En-US (English). This results in Altiris being displayed in English and causes the issue.



This issue will be resolved in a future product version. A point fix is available now, however, for Symantec Management Platform 7.5 SP1 HF2 (refer to the attachment to this article).
If the point fix is unable to be used, the only other workaround is to ensure that the language displayed in Internet Explorer matches that of the workstation's Windows, whether that is the default or has been changed to a specific language. Removing the AcceptLanguage can resolve this in some situations, but all this does is return Internet Explorer to its default language based on the workstation's Windows language. After the language is changed, restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take affect. Rebooting the workstation should not be necessary but may be in some circumstances.


Applies To

Symantec Management Platform 7.5
CMDB Solution 7.5


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