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One or more Install Readiness Checks failed to run properly.


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IT Management Suite


Running on a Windows 2008 server doing an upgrade to 7.5 SP1 the following Install Readiness Checks failed.

OS_W2K12R2  Install Readiness Check failed even though they are on a Windows 2008 server.

IE 11 Install Readiness Check

Hostname Install Readiness Check

CheckSSLSettingFeatureInIIS Install Readiness Check


Log files had the following error:

CDATA[Error while loading String Resources (Culture English) for InstallReadinessCheck CheckSSLSettingFeatureInIIS.
Exception message: ResX file Root element is missing. cannot be parsed.]]


They had a new PL file. However, they had an old language file  This file has the information for the messages that should be returned by the Install Readiness Checks.  Since the new PL file had new install readiness checks and they had an old language file it could not find the resx information in the file. 


Copied the matching and l file to the machine and resolved the problem.

Applies To

Windows Server 2008

Upgrading to ITMS 7.5 SP1

SMP was behind a firewall