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Deploy image job is not rebooting correctly - Reboot to Production Fails if image was captured with DS 7.1


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When running a "deploy image" job with DS 7.5 -> "Reboot to production" task fails if image was captured with DS 7.1

With a DS 7.1 agent in the image we are getting the task showing incomplete in the SMP even though it ran. (The client successfully rebooted to production)

After the upgrade from 7.1.2 to 7.5.1 deploying images created with 7.1.2 fails on the "reboot to production" task. DS 7.5 doesn't support images created with an earlier version.

The server has "legacy agent communication" set to ON - This setting does not apply to DS

("Sleep" script task includes a wait command - this was added for troubleshooting purposes - the outcome is the same as when it is not included in the job)


on the console -> job status

We can see the task Run "Boot to Production" has failed with error: 

"an unknown exception was thrown.

Altiris.TaskManagement.Common.Execution.Exceptions.AgentRegistrationDeletedException: Exception of type

'Altiris.TaskManagement.Common.Execution.Exceptions.AgentRegistrationDeletedException' was thrown"



Working with DS 7.5 the images need to include an updated agent in them(DS 7.5 SMA with updated DS plugins)

DS 7.5 is a major release of the product, not a minor release, and that means DS agent and plug-ns need to be updated: on site servers, on clients, and IN images.  There's no shortcut for this.




1 - You MUST upgrade your image to have the new agent in it (DS 7.5).  Otherwise, things will not work properly post imaging.

2 - If the OLD agent is in the image, then it can not send up the job status as complete when it reboots.

3 - The job does not show complete in the console until AFTER the image has rebooted into production and until the NEW DS 7.5 agent report back as "task completed successfully"

This is the reason with a DS 7.1 agent in the image we are getting the task showing incomplete in the SMP even though it ran.



As workaround it is possible to use a custom task that includes the script:

"wpeutil reboot"

Regarding this, you can find more information at Microsoft link below:



Applies To

DS 7.5 SP1