With the recent Spectrum versions the event 0x11c0003 no longer generates a critical alarm. Why?


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CA Spectrum


In old Spectrum versions like 9.1 there was a major MODULE DOWN TRAP RECEIVED alarm generated by the event 0x11c0003 that was then cleared by event 0x11c0002. Now the event 0x11c0003 no longer generates alarm.

What is the reason the event 0x11c0003 

Device {m} of Type {t} reported a moduleDown trap signifying that the agent entity has detected that the moduleStatus object in this MIB has transitioned out of the ok(2) state for module {I 1}. The generation of this trap can be controlled by the sysEnableModuleTraps object in this MIB.

do not generate any alarm?





The event was modified to no longer raise alarm and just log it when the Catalyst pulled board functionality was better integrated with fault isolation, to prevent duplicated alarms MODULE DOWN TRAP RECEIVED alarm (0x11c0003) and the MODULE DOWN NOTIFICATION RECEIVED alarm (0x11c0488) that is triggered when the Internal_Module_Status (0x12e66) attribute is modified.