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Symantec Mail Security for Domino LiveUpdate fails on AIX with return code 246


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Mail Security for Domino


LiveUpdate fails on AIX platforms with return code 246. Disk space on the system is adequate for Java LiveUpdate.

The error will appear in the LiveUpdate logs as

DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S Loading guard file:  /tmp/1406826791919/smsdom$20aix64$20virus$20definitions_8.0_english_livetri.zip1406826792704/liveupdt.grd
DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S FreeSpace available on /tmp/1406826791919 is 10481624 KB.
DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S FreeSpace available on /tmp/1406826791919 is 10481624 KB.
DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S Disk space check for 1406815105jtun_ennlu64.aix failed. Requested free space was 2,053.494 (in MB).
DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S The Java LiveUpdate session did not complete successfully.
DD/MM/YYYY H:M:S Return code = 246


The AV definition size has grown significantly over the period and default JLU cache size (on disk) is falling short to complete the LiveUpdate process.
Please apply the workaround detailed below.


Locate the liveupdate.conf from the following location:


1. Within the Domino Server’s Console, stop Symantec Mail Security for Domino.
> tell sav quit

2. Open liveupdate.conf with Vi IMproved (VIM) Editor or other AIX Text Editor

Add the following variables to the liveupdate.conf:


Note: the workdir may require the directory /liveupdatedownloads to be created prior to editing the liveupdate.conf

If downloadCacheSize variable has been established, please remove it.

3.Start Symantec Mail Security for Domino’s service again.
> load ntask
> load npas

4. Perform manual Liveupdate.

5. Periodically remove content within /tmp/liveupdatedownloads

>rm /tmp/liveupdatedownloads/*

This can be accomplished by running a cron job. It would be recommended to set the cron parameters to remove the previous days worth of content.


Applies To

IBM AIX Servers