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After upgrading from DS 7.1 to 7.5 Pectagent does not connect to the Console


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Deployment Solution


After upgrading to 7.5, the winpe image is re-created and boots, but is unable to run tasks or communicate with the Console. 

The PectAgent log within Preboot may show the following error:

[2014/01/09 09:53:38.239 288:300 2] AgentGlobals.h:112 RegisterLibrary: LoadLibrary Failed to load x:\program files\Symantec\Deployment\AeXPackageDelivery.dll

[2014/01/09 09:53:38.239 288:300 0] AgentGlobals.h:114 Agent Exception, Could not load file ErrorCode=0, SystemError=0

[2014/01/09 09:53:38.239 288:300 2] apps\DeploymentClient\PECTAgent\PECTAgent.cpp:144 Stopping PECTAgent. Please check for Network configuration or server name resolving problem and try again.

AeXPackageDelivery.dll file isn't in the preboot environment at all or is still the 7.1 version.


 Cause is unknown at this time.


1. Check your SMP Server to see if it has the following 7.5 files according to the WinPE architecture (x86 or x64 branch of the path), by checking their property details:

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\oem\DS\winpe\x86\Base\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\pectagent.exe

C:\Program Files\Altiris\Deployment\BDC\bootwiz\oem\DS\winpe\x86\Base\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\AeXPackageDelivery.dll

2. You can check your Site Servers as well to see if they have replicated properly :C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Package Delivery\{374E1C49-4F58-4F5C-8D51-07A30F0D44AD}\cache\bootwiz\oem\DS\winpe\x86\Base\Program Files\Symantec\Deployment\pectagent.exe 
3. If the Pectagents are 7.5 then all you should need to do is refresh your Preboot Configurations: In the SMP Console, Go to Settings > Deployment > Create Preboot Configurations > Select the environments you use (use Ctrl to select multiples) > Click on Recreate Preboot Environment > Wait for it to Refresh and then click the X WITHOUT clicking Save Changes. The process to update the WIM files could take 30 minutes to an hour. 
4. Test your Tasks again and see if the Agent communicates with the Console.
If the above suggestions fail or the AeXPackageDelivery.dll is the incorrect version, Please contact Support.