Does CA View support "Password Phrases?"
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Does CA View support "Password Phrases?"


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Does CA View support  "Password Phrases?"


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CA View now supports password phrase logon in addition to traditional eight character password support. Password phrases can be 9 through 100 characters in length and can provide a stronger level of security when accessing the product. 
These factors affect your implementation of password phrase support: 
? Users, who use external security and access CA View through VTAM or XMS interfaces, can implement either password logon or password phrase logon. 
? You can enable password phrase using the XMS cross-memory parameter, LGNSEC=PPHRASE. 
? CA View requires the SECURITY=EXTERNAL or the SECURITY=LOGON initialization parameter setting. 
? A new logon screen for password phrase and password phrase verification displays when applicable. 

? VTAM and CICS support password phrases. IMS and ROSCOE do not support password phrases. 
? Password phrase support does not affect secure access points. Secure access points do not require re authenticating passwords. 
? Password phrase logons are only supported for databases that are versioned at Release 12.2 and above.