Does CA Output Management Web Viewer Support DB2 V11?
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Does CA Output Management Web Viewer Support DB2 V11?


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Does Web Viewer 12.1 Support DB2 V11?

With DB2 Version 11, the IBM Data Server Driver for the JDBC and SQLJ package replaces the existing db2jcc.jar file with db2jcc4.jar. The db2jcc.jar driver is based on JDBC3 specification. It is deprecated starting with DB2 Version 11 by the JDBC4 specifications going forward, but fully backwards compatible.  This will be GA by September 30th 2017.                                                


Release: OUTWBV01300-12.1-Output Management-Web Viewer for AIX


Web Viewer 12.1 supports DB2 V11 with RO98223 Cumulative build 175.

NOTE: This is a proactive fix.  Until DB2 actually makes changes for jdbc4, which will not be put into jdbc3 as announced, there will be no compatibility issues. Build 175 provides the jdbc4 for preventive future changes, not current ones (of which there are none yet).