NS Client Task Agent fails to connect to itself
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NS Client Task Agent fails to connect to itself


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IT Management Suite


NS Client Task Agent fails to connect to itself. The issue appeared after installing a new environment using a previous Symantec_CMDB.

"7/17/2014 12:45:40 PM","Operation 'Head' failed.
Protocol: http
Port: 80
Path: /Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx
Http status: 0
Secure: No
Id: {7BCC5391-31EC-4CEB-B188-B3A1A6329423}
Error type: Network error
Error result: 0x80072745
Error code: 0
Error note: SocketIOStrategySyncSelect::Receive error
Error message: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine","NetworkOperation","AeXNetComms.dll","8504","Errors"

"7/17/2014 12:45:40 PM","Failed to call web interface by url [http://<NotificationServer>:80/Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx?resourceGuid=e3638726-8c1d-410a-8922-084155775609&crc=0007000500000C51&lastResort=true], error [0x80072745, An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.].","Client Task Agent","client task agent.dll","8504","Warnings"

"7/17/2014 12:45:40 PM","Could not register using ""http://<NotificationServer>:80/Altiris/ClientTaskServer/Register.aspx?resourceGuid=e3638726-8c1d-410a-8922-084155775609&crc=0007000500000C51&lastResort=true""","Client Task Agent","client task agent.dll","8504","Warnings"

"7/17/2014 12:45:16 PM","There are no registered Task Services on the SMP. This is expected in case of new SMP installation - the local SMA installed on the same machine as NS needs some time to register on the NS. If this issue persists for long time, check Site Server settings and troubleshoot SMA functionality on the NS (make sure it can send basic inventory and receive policy updates). Make sure at least one Task Server is deployed.","Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.AgentWeb.GetClientTaskServers.FilterServers","w3wp.exe","12","Warnings"

"7/17/2014 12:43:15 PM","Registration attempt failed, will be retried in 120 seconds.
Computer e3638726-8c1d-410a-8922-084155775609 trying to register as a task server (version: 7.5.3153) on NS e3638726-8c1d-410a-8922-084155775609 is not registered as a site server on NS. It may be temporary situation until collections update on the NS is performed. Please make sure that this computer is registered on NS as site server. In case of disaster recovery scenario, run 'NS.Restore Task Servers' Windows Schedule.
   [System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Altiris.DotNetLib.OperationFaultDetails] @ Altiris.TaskManagement]
   at Altiris.TaskManagement.Data.NotificationServerLocalConnection.RegisterTaskServer(Guid serverGuid, Guid resourceGuid, String version, Int32 build, Nullable`1 httpPort, Nullable`1 httpsPort)
   at Altiris.ClientTask.Server.ClientTaskServer.RegisterTaskServer()

Exception logged from:
   at Altiris.DotNetLib.Logging.AtrsLog.ExceptionMessage(String message, Exception exception)
   at Altiris.ClientTask.Server.ClientTaskServer.RegisterTaskServer()
   at Altiris.ClientTask.Server.ClientTaskServer.OnRegisterTimer(Object unused)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.runTryCode(Object userData)
   at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.RuntimeHelpers.ExecuteCodeWithGuaranteedCleanup(TryCode code, CleanupCode backoutCode, Object userData)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
   at System.Threading._TimerCallback.PerformTimerCallback(Object state)","ClientTaskServer","AtrsHost.exe","7","Warnings"


ITMS 8.x


Cause 1:

NS is not included within registered TaskServers.

Cause 2:

SMP has more than one Task Server Settings policy assigned to it.


Solution 1:

  1. Be sure that sending Basic inventory from the affected Task Server/ Notification Server is successful and NSE is processed.
    1. This can be done from the Manage > Computer page
    2. If the Basic Inventory is not sending, verify the NSE is processing with HOWTO4191
  2. Run 'NS.Restore Task Servers' Windows Task Scheduler. 
    Note: There are different scenarios when Task Server might already exist but not configured on SMP as a Site Server. "NS.Restore Task Servers" scheduled task adds all installed Task Servers into NS Site Server collection if they are not there. After Symantec Management Agent with newly installed Task Services sends its inventory to SMP, this remote TS might be added into the Site Server collection on SMP by executing Windows schedule "NS.Restore Task Servers"
  3. Perform Full membership update from the console (Settings > Notification Server - Resource Membership Update)
  4. Restart the "Altiris Object Host Service" service
  5. Also review TECH230033

Solution 2:
If after fixing the initial issue with the steps provided above and the SMP has the Task Services installed, if the only one remaining is "There are no registered Task Services on the SMP" check under "SMP Console>Settings>Notification Server>Site Server Settings>Site Management>Site Server Settings>Task Service>Settings" that you don't have the SMP targeted on 2 or more Task Server Settings policy. If so, remove and keep it on only one policy.

Additional Information

162845 "Issues with Task Server functionality after repair or upgrade if Task Server is installed on Notification Server"