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This article describes the contents of the Licensing Dashboard in the Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag) which augments the list of installed products


The Symantec Diagnostic Tool (SymDiag) has the ability to examine the licensing status of some supported Symantec products, display the results in a report on the Home page (the Licensing Dashboard), provide alerts when maintenance contracts are about to expire and link the customer to a guided process to renew those contracts. 

Supported Products
The following products will feature license status information in SymDiag:
·         Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager v12.1 (SBE and EE) and later
·         Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange v7.0 and later
How license status is determined and reported
SymDiag will collect all Symantec License Files (.slf) that have been loaded on the computer being analyzed, interrogate those files and then display licensing information relevant to the status of the license files found for products supported by the licensing functionality.
SymDiag will differentiate between the following license types:
·         Production (software and maintenance)
·         Trialware
·         NFR
·         Temporary (extension of maintenance contract)
SymDiag determines maintenance contract status according to the following thresholds:


# Days to Expiration Date
> 90
> 30 but < 90
Start Planning
0 to 29
About to Expire
-1 to -60
> 60
No data shown*
*Note that any maintenance contracts that have been expired for more than 60 days will not be shown.
License Summary Table
When SymDiag reaches the Home page it has already determined which supported products are installed and it has determined the license status for those installed products that are supported for license file examination. The Licensing Dashboard is embedded in the list of installed products as follows:

Note: If changes are made to the system that might affect the licensing status, the 'Refresh license information' link will rerun the report and update the table.
In addition to the installed product name and version, the Licensing Dashboard adds:
·         Software License count
·         Maintenance Contract expiration status
There are four states that the license can be found in:
·         Valid

·         Start planning

·        About to expire

·        Expired

Licensing Details
Clicking on a product name in the summary table accesses the Licensing Details page which displays each license and maintenance line that was found in the license files.   Here are examples of the Licensing Details page for each possible state of the license:
·         Valid

·         Start planning

·         About to expire

·         Expired

Customer Next Steps
Customers are provided resources in order to determine what their next steps should be given the state of the license. This includes:
·         Color-coded messages and alerts with appropriate Call to Actions according to status, for example:
·         Expiring maintenance contracts: a reminder of the benefits of maintenance with a link to a new Renewals FAQ on the Symantec website.
·         Expired maintenance contracts: a reminder of the consequences of not renewing with a link to a new Renewals FAQ on the Symantec website.
·         Expiring trialware: the customer will be prompted to buy full licenses with a link to the appropriate product page.
·         Renewal reminder feature which can be added to customer’s calendars (e.g. Outlook)
·         Print function that enables the printing of licensing details information
·         Links to product information pages and to Customer Care
Questions regarding the Licensing Dashboard in SymHelp and any information reported in it regarding the status of licensed Symantec products should be directed to Customer Care: