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Importing Departments with Data Connector 7.5 SP1 results in duplicates


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IT Management Suite


When importing Departments with Data Connector 7.5 SP1, duplicates occur.


Product defect, Etrack 3559713.


This issue will be resolved in a future version of Data Connector Solution.

The workaround is to run the Resource Merge Rule after a Department import to merge the duplicate departments.

  1. In a Symantec Management Platform Console, click on the Manage button > Jobs and Tasks 
  2. Click on to expand the folders System Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB.
  3. Click on Resource Merge Rule.
  4. Click on the Resource Type drop-down list and select Department.
  5. Click on the "Merge key" drop-down list and select Resource Name.
  6. Click on the "Save changes" button.
  7. Click on the New Schedule button.
  8. Click on the Schedule button. The merge then starts.

Applies To

Symantec Management Platform 7.5 SP1
Data Connector Solution 7.5 SP1