Error: Local update host showing “status unknown”
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Error: Local update host showing “status unknown”


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Symantec Products


The Local Update Host (LUH) is showing as “status unknown”.

On the LUH machine, in logs: 
  • Windows XP / Windows Server 2003:  C:\Documents and settings\All users\App data\\Logs\12000\ Liveupdate_ssliveupdate_0.log
  • Windows 7 /windows server 2008:  C:\Program data\\Logs\12000\ Liveupdate_ssliveupdate_0.log
The following errors are seen:
  • Failed to get CSP Enable value - m_SettingsMgr.GetDword(0, CSP_ENABLE_KEY_VALUE, dwValue, CSP_ROOT_KEY) failed, err: 0x80000100
  • Failed to get CSP Host value - m_SettingsMgr.GetString(0, CSP_HOST_KEY_VALUE, CSP We need to the given below log location to find the error. Client::CCSP::IsDefaultCSPExpired. Config.m_strHost, CSP_ROOT_KEY) failed, err: 0x800001000 Client::CCSP::IsDefaultCSPExpired.  


Reboot the LUH machine, if the issue persists then check the following:

1. Go to Start -> Run -> Services.msc
2. Verify the LUH service is running (ssCSPProxySvc)
3. Start the service if it's not running, you may need to try and start it multiple times.
4. Start the client service, this may take a couple tries
5. Verify that the issue is now resolved.