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Empty filter list under "Events and Alerts" if if has custom filter created with specific conditions


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IT Management Suite Monitor Solution



Under Settings > Monitoring and Alerting > Alert Filter Settings it is possible to create custom alert filters and configure specific conditions for them. It is identified that for "Alert hostname" filter condition some of evaluation conditions will cause empty Filters list under Manage > Events and Alerts. Following are the conditions which actually affected: 1. Starts With, 2. Does not Start With, 3. Ends With, 4. Does not End With. Other conditions used during creation works fine.

Following warning appearing in SMP logs: EventConsole:Service::GetDataSourceData() exception Exception: Source='Altiris.EventConsole.BusinessLogic', Message='The comparison type is not valid for the condition type.'


Symantec development is aware of this issue and currently working on fixing it. Article will be updated according to further progress on this issue. Fix is expected on one of upcoming releases after 7.5 SP1. There is not any workaround available for these specific conditions. Customers may use other conditions instead of affected ones. For example,the comparison type "Contains" instead of "Starts With" (if desired string does not appear in the middle of hostnames other than the ones they are actually concerned with.

Applies To

Reproduced in on 7.5, 7.5 HF6 and 7.5 SP1. Event Console builds - 7.5.1597; 7.5.3219