403 error in TouchDown for Android
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403 error in TouchDown for Android


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403 error in TouchDown for Android


A 403 error is typically returned by the server if:

  • Your account is not enabled for ActiveSync 
  • You provided it with the wrong domain / login format
  • Your server is set to disable connections from the internet to the ActiveSync location

In many cases it’s the first bullet.  You can check with your IT Admin if you’d like to verify, but if ActiveSync is also not enabled on your server you may not be able to connect. 

If your  account is enabled for ActiveSync on the server, then try leaving the domain field blank and using your email address as your UserID. 

Sometimes this format works as well in the UserID field: domain\UserID.  Or separating the two into their own fields. 

Another thing to check is your OWA (Outlook Web Access). Log in online and go to Options>phones or Mobile Devices. Make sure you have not exceeded the limit of how many devices allowed to be connected. If you have, remove the listings of those you don’t use and the listing for this device if it’s there, and try the connection again.


If you are on Exchange Server 2010 or 2013 and you are reaching this error be sure to contact your IT department to verify ActiveSync is enabled for your account. TouchDown only supports Exchange 2010 and 2013  when ActiveSync is enabled for the account/server.