400 Error in TouchDown for Android
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400 Error in TouchDown for Android


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A 400 error is an error code that means that the ping to the server timed out after waiting a long time without a response.


Here are some helpful tips that may help you with this error:

  • Make sure you are not attempting to use a POP account with TouchDown. If the address you have entered into Quick Configuration is for a Webmail client, then TouchDown will not be able to connect.
  • Make sure that in TouchDown Advanced settings you have not changed the ActiveSync device string to anything other than "TouchDown".
  • Make sure your server does not have an untrusted security certificate that may be giving you the boot without reporting an "untrusted certificate" error.
  • When all else fails, try rebooting the device. Some devices have a tendency to "lose" their IMEI number to report to the server, and therefore will go unanswered. However in most cases rebooting the device (and often times a battery pull may be needed as well) will restore the IMEI number and subsequently the 400 error