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Imaging tasks fail with HTTP Error 404 File not found


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Deployment Solution


Client computers can boot successfully to WinPE.  The pectagent loads with no errors in the pectagent.log.  See DSTasks.log.

Also, the site server can be pinged using the host name, but may not by FQDN.

May be seen in the DSTasks.log from the client:
Exception has occured in File SMPPackage.cpp at Line No 225. Type of exception is GeneralError. Error is callDSPSInfoOperationService()have failed. Return XML is =. Error from HttpGet = HTTP status: 404 Not Found. Empty response content received, probably web server is not running or URL is invalid. In some cases Windows can return response header with Content-Length field but with empty response payload. Error Description is "util::CSMPPackage::callDSPSInfoOperationService". Value of Windows error code = 183 and message is " Cannot create a file when that file already exists


Known causes:
1) IIS settings modified configuring IP and hostname bindings on http and https.
2) DNS issues, SiteServers FQDN is unresolvable with NSLookup.
3) Deployment virtual directory missing from IIS


1) Remove ALL IP and hostname bindings from the website in IIS for http and https to restore web services.

2) Resolve DNS issues preventing site server FQDN from resolving.  As a temporary workaround, adding the SiteServer's FQDN to the hosts file of client(while in WinPE) and SiteServer may work passed the DNS resolution problem.

3) (Per HOWTO100004) Launch the Create_DeploymentDir.bat file, from an Administrative command, that is present in the following path of the package server:**

<install_dir>/Altiris/Altiris Agent/Package Delivery/{76D113DE-16D4-4A31-826F- A4DACCEAC8AB}/cache/

To verify if the Deployment folder is created under the Altiris\PS in IIS on the package server, refresh the default website.

**If running Create_DeploymentDir.bat gives an error like access denied, copy it to \Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\Software Management\Software Delivery\{76D113DE-16D4-4A31-826F- A4DACCEAC8AB}\cache\ and run it from there.