Push suspended in TouchDown for Android
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Push suspended in TouchDown for Android


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Typically, Touchdown for Android supports email push, receiving email from the server.  Some conditions can make push stop working.


Push will suspend itself if it is not getting any response from the server. This can happen for a variety of reasons. "Push suspended" is a safety mechanism to prevent your battery from draining itself by letting TouchDown continuously ping your server without any response. It should automatically turn itself on in about 8-10 minutes to try push again. A few common reasons for this can be a busy server, a server outage, not enough bars or perhaps not a strong enough signal to Wi-Fi.

If the problem continues, you may want to contact your IT Admin to see if there are any problems happening with the server.

There can be other reasons Push is suspended as well. If you've been able to verify that the server is available and you can reach your server address from the device Internet browser, send us a diagnostics log using the instructions below. Please explain that you are getting the "Push suspended" error in the subject line or body of the email that includes the log.

NOTE: In the instructions below where it shows Menu/XXXXX, we mean press the menu button on the phone and then select the suggested option.

  1. Go to the TouchDown home screen and press Menu/Diagnostics
  2. Check the box titled "Log Next operation"
  3. Perform a manual sync from the touchdown main screen. wait for the error message.
  4. Go to Menu/Diagnostics (this may take a long time to load).
  5. On the Last operation Log box, press Copy.
  6. Open up Gmail and create an email to yourself, then paste the contents of the clipboard on to the message body and send it (long touch again to paste).
  7. When you receive the email, please mask out any PASSWORDS (if using Exchange 2003, your password may appear in a URL, so please search for it and mask it).
  8. Email the sanitized log to us at [email protected].
  9. After you send the log, go to the diagnostic view and UNCHECK Log Next Operation.

For those with devices that truncate the log file when copying and pasting (Primarily Samsung devices), use the copy button (do not long press and select copy) in diagnostics. Create a new file in your Word document editor on the phone (Polaris Office or any other Word document editor) and send the file to us as an attachment.)