Error message - no record found - IO error
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Error message - no record found - IO error


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Getting I/I Error

13.06.07 F6 0006 EP033 ACCESSING ANDREA3           RL=001      FILEIN  SYS000=875    

13.06.07 C06261       

13.06.07 F6 0006 EP096 VOLSER NOT EPIC SCRATCH TAPE FILEOUT SYS000=875 C06261     <== same tape unit for Input/Output      

13.06.07 F6 0006 EP088 DISMOUNT CARTRIDGE FILEOUT SYS000=875 C06261                      

13.06.18 F6 0006 EP005 **LABEL** ANDREA4           08 RL=001  FILEOUT SYS000=875 C07821  <== same tape unit for Input/Output

13.06.18 F6 0014 0P36I C  NO REC FND SYS000=875                                          

13.06.18         CCSW=027078C11006007D00 CCB=0078A118                                    

13.06.18         SNS= 0840A036 00000420 3020B318 00050500 0F000000 500006FF              

13.06.18              CE1F1502 27330000      

13.06.18 F6 0006 0P73I I/O ERROR                                                         

In a tape to tape scenario (Input and Output both assigned to TAPE (VT) ), it seems as if Easytrieve is trying to write to logical unit SYS000, when SYS000 is being used as input. Is it possible to define more than one tape logical unit? 

If I make either the input file, or the output file DISK, the program works. 


EZT 6.3 VSE program running under z/VSE 5.2.


We found the relevant information on page 3-3 of the VSE Applications Guide, under the FILE STATEMENT definitions.

/* -------------------------------------------------------------     

/* STEP 010 - COPY TO TAPE                                           

/* -------------------------------------------------------------     

// TLBL FILEIN,'ANDREA3,U'                                           

// TLBL FILEOUT,'ANDREA4,U'                                          

* $$ SLI P.EZTSLI                                                     

// EXEC EZTPA00,SIZE=512K                                            

FILE FILEIN SYS020 TAPE FB(080 32000)    <==== SYS020 was added to the File statement                            


     IN-REC               1  080   A                                 


FILE FILEOUT SYS021 TAPE FB(080 32000) <==== SYS021 was added to the File statement                              


     OUT-REC              1  080   A                                 



JOB INPUT FILEIN                                                     

     MOVE IN-REC TO OUT-REC                                          

     PUT FILEOUT                                       



* $$ SLI DSCOFF                                                      


* $$ EOJ