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CCS 11.0 policy central web portal error "Page title cannot be empty. Parameter name: Page.Title "


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


CCS 11.0 Policy Central web portal shows error.

Server side exception occurred, details are as follows:
Page title cannot be empty. Parameter name: Page.Title
Please contact the Website Administrator for details about the error.


This error is shown in case of Policy manager licenses are not installed or Policy Manager licenses are expired.


Install valid licenses for policy manager in ccs 11.0

To install ccs licenses follow below steps:

Install new licenses from CCS console:
Launch the CCS Reporting & Analytics console.
Click Setting icon (red toolbox) across the top.
Click Licenses on the sub-menu.
In the left column, click the Add License link.
Click Import.
Browse to the location of the new .SLF license file. Double click the file to add it or select licenses to be added.

Install new licenses using Symantec CCS licenses utility:
Login to CCS application server
Go to <install directory>\ C:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Directory Support Service.
Double click on Symantec.CSM.LicenseUtil.exe.
Click Add Licenses option.
Select new license file location and import licenses.

Applies To

CCS 11.0