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How to redirect ccs web portal to maintenance page


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


When CCS is down for maintenance / update install, web portal will be unresponsive or gives error. How to redirect ccs_web portal to maintenance page.


1. Create new text file with name "app_offline.txt", open text file and type message you want to display while web service is under maintenance mode.
2. Change file extension from .TXT to .HTM
3. Copy this file to CCS_web portal directory path which is located at <Install_Drive>\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\WebPortal"
4. Restart IIS service and try to access ccs_web portal. It will show you custom message which you have mentioned in app_offline.htm

Once you are done with maintenance you can follow below steps.

1. Rename app_offline.htm file to app_offline_old.htm.
2. Restart IIS and try to access ccs_web portal.