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WebPrevent block message causing Incidents to not show up in UI


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention Network Prevent for Web


Customer using Webprevent with a block message. Message is blocked and message is displayed to end user

 Enforce incident doesn't show up in the UI


Check the Incident persister logs for the following message

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The parameter is too long. The length cannot exceed 1024 characters.


The above message indicates that customer has put in a Webprevent block/notify messgae that is greater than 1024 characters

Causing Incident Persister to throw an exception and the incident is not generated.

This affects all DLP V10.5 and below as of 3/16/2010

To resolve issue customer must shorten WebPrevent block message to be under 1024 characters

Enhancement request eTrack 1994817 for a limit of 4k has been filed as well as bugs eTrack 1993699 (Limit message size for response rules based on db limit ) and eTrack 1993704 (Incident Persister fails to create incidents if response rule block message > 1024-char )