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Custom reports generate incorrect data on non-US system


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


For non-US systems where the date format is anything but MM-DD-YYYY, any custom reports generated from the Enforce Server returns incorrect data.


Relevant version:  8.1

If Enforce is installed on a server whose default date format is not MM-DD-YYYY, date entry functions will not work properly regardless of the format used to enter the date (this includes scheduled reports and custom date reporting filters).  

Hotfix has been released to fix this issue.  Note, however, that it does not provide support for other date formats.   All dates must be entered using the US MM-DD-YYYY date format.

To obtain the latest hotfix, log into the Vontu FTP site ( with your user credentials.  If you do not see the desired hotfix, contact Technical Support.

NOTE: In V9, all dates must be entered using the US format. 

Beginning with version 9.0, see the System Requirements and Compatibility Guide for a list of supported operating system languages for the Enforce server.