What operating systems are supported on DLP servers?


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In relation to 32- vs. 64-bit, which OS is supported in DLP?



32-bit:   All versions of DLP can run Windows 2003 Enterprise* Edition SP2

64-bit:   As of version 11.0, DLP software can run on the 64-bit versions of Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition R2.

*Note: Standard editions of Windows Server 2003 are not supported as they are unable to address more than 4GB of memory. The minimum requirement is 8GB of memory, hence only the Enterprise Edition of 2003 is supported. See KB 42721  for more details.


32-bit:    All pre-12 versions of DLP can run on RHEL 5U2 to 5U8

64-bit:    As of version 11.0, DLP software can run on RHEL 5U2 to 5U8 with 11.6.3 supporting RHEL 5U9
64-bit:    As of version 12.0, DLP software can only run on RHEL 5U6 to 5U9.

+Note: This does not include support for RHEL 6. Version 6.x is unsupported at this time.

For more details, please see the Symantec™ Data Loss Prevention System Requirements and Compatibility Guide.