DLP Endpoint agent conflicts with Avaya applications
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DLP Endpoint agent conflicts with Avaya applications


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Avaya applications like the CentreVu supervisor or the CMS supervisor don't run properly when the Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint agent is installed.


This behavior is experienced when the Print/Fax monitoring channel is enabled on the DLP Endpoint agent. 

Two options for addressing the issue:  

  • Disable the Endpoint agent Print/Fax monitoring channel (Not recommended)
  • Whitelist the Avaya application to prevent the conflict with the Print/Fax monitoring channel.

To whitelist the Avaya application, refer to the article, How to whitelist or exclude an application from DLP Endpoint agents

The following list may assist with the whitelisting of the application. For further assistance with determining the correct files to exclude from DLP, please contact the application vendor.

Avaya CMS v9 (all):
Binary Name      cvs[A-Za-z]+\.exe
Internal Name     cvs[A-Za-z]+\.exe
Original Filename cvs[A-Za-z]+\.exe

Avaya CMS v11 (all)
Binary Name      avs[A-Za-z]+\.exe
Internal Name     avs[A-Za-z]+\.exe
Original Filename avs[A-Za-z]+\.exe

Avaya CMS v12,13,14,15,16 (all)
Binary Name      acs[A-Za-z]+\.exe
Internal Name     acs[A-Za-z]+\.exe
Original Filename acs[A-Za-z]+\.exe


Other versions: