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Exchange Scanner Throws Java Heap Space Error


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


The Exchange scanner stops sending idx files to the Discover server

Error:  In the scanner0.log, there will be the following error:

SEVERE: Runtime Exception occurred. Restart the Scanner.Java heap space


1) In the bin folder of the scanner (\Program Files\ExchangeScanner\bin),  create two files:


Make sure the name of the vmoptions file is the same as the scanner exe.

2) Add the following to the vmoptions file: NOTE: these entries are case sensitive.


3)  Run the scanner either as a console or service

Note:   We are assuming the machine on which the scanner runs has at least 2 GB RAM.

 If the problem persists, then add the following to the vmoptions file:


This  will create a heap dump file in the scanner jre/bin directory, if another out of memory exception occurs. The heap dump file will have an extension of .hprof. Please send to support the hprof file if an OOM occurs again. It will be a big file (1GB at least).

Note:  This solution applies to all scanners