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How to get the required information for the Application monitoring?


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I need to add the application in the application monitoring, Is there a tool to get all the required information of an application for the Application monitoring?


Use the tool "GetAppInfo.exe"

This tool is available in the tools directory of the agent setup zip file

E.g., Symantec_DLP_15.0_Agent_Win-IN_b .zip\DLP\15.0\Endpoint\Win\x64\Tools


Double click on this file "GetAppInfo.exe" and you will see the GUI, then provide the .exe file path of the application you want to add under Application monitoring and click on "Get Info"

Following output example is for the Chrome application :-

InternalName: chrome_exe
ProductName: Google Chrome
CompanyName: Google Inc.
LegalCopyright: Copyright 2016 Google Inc. All rights reserved.
ProductVersion: 62.0.3202.94
FileDescription: Google Chrome
FileVersion: 62.0.3202.94
OriginalFilename: chrome.exe
PublisherName: Google Inc (verified)


For information on how to fingerprint the related application see the section entitled "About adding applications" in the Admin Guide for your release.