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PacketCapture fails to start after upgrading Windows Network Monitor to v11


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


Version 11.0 Network Monitor does not capture any traffic and the following error is present in the PacketCapture.log:

06/21/10 02:15:26 [0x00001aec] INFO  PacketCaptureMain - start() Packet Capture has started. System Event logged. [.\PacketCaptureMain.cpp(1750)]

06/21/10 02:15:27 [0x00001f54] FATAL PacketCapture - Terminating capture thread -- Exception: PacketReceivePacket: 0 [.\CaptureThread.cpp(35)]


Ensure the required version 4.1.1 of WinPcap is installed.

See KB #54268 for related error and solution after an uninstall/reinstall was done.