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Error during document indexing: An unknown error occured


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce Data Loss Prevention


During document indexing, Enforce shows this status for the Index:

          Error during document indexing: An unknown error occured

And Tomcat shows an error similar to this:

17 JAN 2012 16:07:20,760- Thread: 24 SEVERE [com.vontu.profiles.manager.InfoSourceIndexCreator] Error during document indexing
com.vontu.cracker.jni.NativeException: Exception caught in FileTypeIdentifier::GetFileType
com.vontu.cracker.jni.NativeException: Exception caught in FileTypeIdentifier::GetFileType
 at com.vontu.cracker.jni.NativeFileTypeIdentifier.getNativeDocumentTypeFromByteArray(Native Method)
 at com.vontu.cracker.jni.NativeFileTypeIdentifier.getFileType(
 at com.vontu.cracker.NativeFileTypeIdentifierAdapter.getFileType(
 at com.vontu.cracker.TypeIdentifierDelegate.getTypeForFile(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.document.CrackingProcessor.getDocumentTypeForFile(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.document.CrackingProcessor.getFormatForFile(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.document.DocumentSourceIndexCreator.putDocumentInIndexer(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.document.DocumentSourceIndexCreator.doIndex(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.document.DocumentSourceIndexCreator.indexInfoSourceOnManager(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.InfoSourceIndexCreator.indexListOfDataSources(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.document.DocumentSourceIndexJob.index(
 at com.vontu.profiles.manager.InfoSourceIndexJob.execute(
 at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$


An exception with the FileTypeIdentifier indicates that the indexer was unable to determine the file type, probably due to corruption. The client should review the files to be indexed to be sure that there are no obviously corrupted files, and especially to see if there are any spanned Zip files that are missing a piece. Once the source of the error is located and fixed or deleted, attempt to index again.