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Unable to login to Manager -ORA-01034 and ORA-27101 in .trc files. ORA-07445 in alert_<SID>.log


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Disk is Full. Unable to login after deleting .trc files and rebooting the box.


Relevant versions:  7.2 and up

There are two common causes of these errors. (There could be others, but these are the most common):

1. A full disk caused by a known Oracle bug fixed in triggering .trc files

   See TECH220916 "Diagnosis and Treatment of the Jxxx-running-out-of-disk-space Oracle issue" for more details

2. Anti-Virus is not excluding the proper directories and restarted after reboot (for MS patches/etc)


Below are steps to diagnose and resolve:

A.  Check %Oracle_Home%\admin\bdump for .trc files. 
     Delete them if they exist and bounce the Vontu Services in the following order:

Monitor Controller
Incident Persister

Incident Persister
Monitor Controller

     See also:

     TECH220916:  Diagnosis and Treatment of the Jxxx-running-out-of-disk-space Oracle issue

B.  Exclude directories from the Anti-Virus scan

       1.0  Using the pre-installed anti-virus software, exclude the directories specified in Anti-Virus Software Can Cause a Symantec DLP Shutdown from Anti Virus scanning

Most Oracle data files to be excluded are located in these two directories; however there might be additional Oracle data files or temporary files. Use the Oracle Enterprise Manager to view the location and names of database datafiles (*.DBF files). The only specific file names are: .CTL, .DBF and REDO.LOG.

2.0 Stop the Vontu services, check for and stop any Vontu processes (or jvms) still running as the protect user
2.1. Stop and restart the Oracle services
2.2 Using SQLPLUS:

sqlplus /nolog
SQL> connect / as sysdba
2.3 If you see:
     Connected to an idle instance. 

     Do the following:

SQLPLUS> startup 

ORACLE instance started

2.4 Check the alert_protect.log to make sure Oracle started cleanly
2.5 Restart the Vontu services.

3.0 Login to the UI